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to Jul 8

The Performance Vibe Seminar DFW

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Day One

Section 1: Open Your Mind

-Discuss the satisfaction mindset, defining values versus objective goals, and the intangible aspects of performance that may be holding you back. Drawing direct correlations between lifestyle habits, mental state, and performance. Allow participants to find authentic enthusiasm in their ability to perform.

Section 2: Getting What You Deserve

Shining the light on the difference between outcomes and performance. Provide intrapersonal tools to aid in goal setting and how to create short term and long term guides to success and how to create an individual mindset for confidence in your performance, regardless of conditions.

Section 3: The Strongman

-Outline the needs of a strongman athlete through multiple lenses (work capacity, skill, demands, etc). Here participants will develop a new perspective for the sport and appreciate the complexity of the organism who excels at it.

We will then break for lunch and return for special hands on training session with Andrew Triana and Nick Hadge. You must purchase a separate ticket for this portion of the event during registration process. 

Tickets are limited so do not miss out on this special event as we become the Strongest Gym In All The Lands for one day only. (Be sure to select this as an “add on” option on the final page of registration.)

Day Two

Section 4: Making a Strongman Proof Skin Suit

-Here we will go over the most common pathologies in strongman that lead to pain and interventions/modalities that will commonly solve them. We will also outline key drills to use for injury prevention and movement preparation.

This section will be more hands on that uses results from attendees polling. It will a split group training session where everyone will begin with the same pre hab and movement prep. Then everyone will split to finish the session. (45-60 minutes of work total)

Section 5: Recovering From It All

-After referencing the basic needs of the strongman we will take a more in-depth look of what it takes to recover from it. This will include the difference between peri-training and peri-contest needs. Most importantly there will be emphasis on health relationships with foods in order to reach goals

Section 6 - Final Q&A

- Fire away your final one off questions and receive the knowledge to help you succeed going forward.


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The Performance Vibe Tier 1/3 Coaching Seminar
to Mar 25

The Performance Vibe Tier 1/3 Coaching Seminar

MST Fitness is excited to host it's first full weekend seminar for coaches, personal trainers or athletes wanting to gain a greater understanding of exercise physiology, and methodical application in programming, hosted by Andrew Triana of The Performance Vibe. Places will be limited to 10 people and price per place will be £200.

What will you gain?

Day 1: Appreciate the complexity of performance, understand the layering of physiology to create high performance outcomes, and be able to determine what the most important variables may be

Day 2: Be able to apply day one to coaching environments to create successful outcomes. Assessment, principals of coaching, highlighting of hormones, choosing outcomes, and the power of melding it all together

Performance Vibe Perspective, Physiology, and Methodical Application Level 1 Certificate

Seminar Outline:

Day 1:
-Language is the limiting factor in communication
-Basic science, background definitions, and concepts needed in order to have clear communication

-What the f*** is an organism?
-Generalized functions and mechanisms of cellular physiology that keeps us alive and responsive

-The phenomena of exercise
-Develop an appreciation for the miraculous biology that allows us to exercise in a variety of modalities

-Pre requisites for optimal performance
-The importance of pressure regulation, specific performance related health mechanisms, and perspective

Day 2:

-The primary and secondary methods in which we respond to training in the hopes of increasing performance

-Assessment and programming basics

-Methods and concepts needed to assess and increase the performance of an organism

-Introduction to Supplementation in Sport

-Creating a Model
-Melding habits, tangible performance variables for programming and specific outcomes


Payment via PayPal to reference "TPV" to secure place

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Necessary Exercise Physiology with Performance Vibe Principles
10:00 AM10:00

Necessary Exercise Physiology with Performance Vibe Principles

Sometimes the greatest changes come not from acquisition but by a change in perspective. We haven’t discovered a new bone or a magical enzyme we can target to make us super human. However, we do intend to cover essential topics in exercise physiology with a lens that provides greater feedback for optimal performance.
Although any level trainee or coach can benefit, this will hit home the most for personal trainers, coaches, and athletes who are looking to continue their education
This one-day seminar will span six sections and we will cover topics including: basic physics, muscle cell and hypertrophy, neuromuscular dynamics, adaptation to exercise (hormones and structure), major health implications, assessment, and application.

Registration Info:
Early Bird: $79 to the first 10 attendees!
$99 for the next 10 attendees!
$119 for the last 10 attendees!
This event will be capped at 30 attendees for the fulfillment and attention of everyone involved.
Please send payment via PayPal to:

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