The Performance Vibe
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Carlos Reyes

I started working with Andrew Triana and the Performance Vibe to optimize my nutrition in my pursuit to total 2,000 lbs raw in knee sleeves. Within the first week of the program, I quickly saw many unique differences between the services Andy was offering and other coaching services that I’ve seen. Andy’s comprehensive questionnaire and consultation before the program began made me feel like he was on board with my goals, and wanted to know every possible variable that he could manage to help me get there. Once the program got underway, I really enjoyed his genuine enthusiasm for my progress. Andy closely followed my schedule and eagerly anticipated any feedback I gave him. I never felt like I was getting a generic or impersonal product. Andy’s approach to nutrition is what sets him apart as a truly special coach. The updates were tailored around each phase of my training, and each offered an approach to nutritional supplementation like I’ve never seen anywhere else. Andy was quick to answer any questions I had about what we were integrating into my supplements protocols, breaking down the relevant information into easily understandable pieces for me. At the conclusion of my time with Andy, I surpassed my goal total for my meet, achieved my weight and body composition goals and gained a totally new understanding of how to approach supplementation for strength athletes. Based on my experience with Andrew Triana and The Performance Vibe, I would highly recommend their services to any strength athlete looking to take their performance to the next level.

Allison Lockhart

Andrew Triana's coaching encompasses the entire package, from programming to nutrition and correctives. I've been involved in strength sports for many years and have never seen a coach put the amount of time, attention and care into their athlete's training and life as Andrew does.
After seven months of working with Andrew, I've made substantial progress as an athlete and am a much healthier person all around. His coaching and guidance lead me to a 6th place finish at World's Strongest Woman. I'm more successful both inside and outside of the gym with his mentorship.