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The Performance Vibe Seminar Experience

*If you are interested in hosting a TPV seminar reach out using the “contact us” portion of the website and let us know which seminar sparks your interest and some potential dates*

    The ability to proficiently understand and communicate within the confines of a topic is absolutely pivotal in establishing a ceiling of growth for that specific topic. One of the goals of the coach-athlete relationship is to ensure that the training session that actually gets completed is similar to what is imagined in the coach’s head. The program is merely a means of communication; the caveat to personal training is that the communication is much more direct. If the coach and athlete have communication that does not lead to understanding and thus authentic learning, is the relationship working? How much better can the athlete stand to get?

    The magic of learning is always a two part job with residual fees. The person seeking to acquire the knowledge/skill and the source must be cohesive to ensure it happens and the acquisitions must be used to retain them; learning is not a guaranteed phenomena.

    Holding tightly onto these concepts along with passion to share our methods, we have created a seminar experience that ensures maximum accessibility of the information shared. Our seminars are not recorded fostering an exclusively comfortable energy and the presentation can be sequentially read in order from start to finish allowing the participants to easily return to the material.

We are currently offering two polar opposite seminars, both of which are two days. Each presentation is under constant revision to improve the quality of the message we are sending.

Seminar 1: “Find, Protect, and Grow YOUR Strongman Vibes”

This seminar is completely focused on self development directly through the eyes of an athlete. The goal is to give participants the tools they need to make the best possible training decisions for themselves. Topics covered include: mindset/goal setting, confidence/arousal, movement drills, intuitive recovery/nutrition, as well as hands on coaching from the speakers.

Danny Rivera, Owner of Arlington Strength (Arlington, Texas)

“The Performance Vibe Seminar is an experience unto itself. In seven years of attending seminars, clinics and certifications, I have never experienced anything like this before. Andrew and Nick are passionate about educating others about their methods and more importantly living the Performance Vibe lifestyle. Often times we attend seminars and we sit in a classroom setting for hours upon hours of lecture but never really get the opportunity to put into practice the teachings – not here. Both presenters were friendly, supportive and ready to elaborate on whatever topic you wanted to discuss and take a hands-on approach to educating each attendee in a personalized fashion.. There was literal magic happening in our training sessions because of the mental approach we learned in the classroom setting - great vibes, high fives and the all attendees smashed PRs that weekend. I can’t speak highly enough of these two and would recommend the Performance Vibe seminar for you and your staff to attend. 10/10 WILL ATTEND AGAIN!”

Seminar 2: “Modern Day Exercise Physiology and Essential Performance Vibe Methodologies”

This is for all the coaches and science geeks out there who are curious to learn the physiology that inspired Performance Vibe methods. This is geared at giving the coaching perspective and tools to apply into your performance enhancement arsenal. Large emphasis is placed on morals and planning before beginning program creation to ensure that the decisions we make as coaches are buffered to create positive outcomes. Some more topics covered include: development of hypertrophy and strength, “energy systems”,  methods and confines of periodization, and highlighted TPV movements and protocols to match outcomes

Shane “The Dragon” Jerman, Owner of MST (Morecambe, England)

“After attending the coaching seminar hosted by Andy and TPV it has changed the way i program with clients & also changed the way i think about performance as a whole. The practical side of the seminar was extremely beneficial and i have been using the movement prep techniques shown with clients and myself ever since. The seminar is 100% applicable to daily coaching so you will be able to apply and use straight away what you have learnt, some techniques are "wizardry" and are great for sealing a sale with a potential client as you wow them with your knowledge.

I 100000% recommend you invest in the seminar as afterwards you will be gutted it is over as you were just soaking up knowledge!”

*If you are interested in hosting a TPV seminar reach out using the “contact us” portion of the website and let us know which seminar sparks your interest and some potential dates*