The Performance Vibe
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Andrew Triana:
From a young age Andrew has been training and accumulating knowledge
on human performance. By the time Andrew had graduated from Springfield
College with his B.S in Applied Exercise Science he had already coached several strongman athletes to elite levels of success. Gaining motivation every year it is his personal goal to be amongst the greatest strength coaches of all time. He has competed from 175-HW and continues to push himself to greater performances residing most competitively in the 90kg class.


Nick Hadge:
At the age of twenty three Nick Hadge is already amongst the most
competitive strongmen in the world. He began his career by winning teen nationals in the USA and sequentially followed steps that led him to being the strongest junior in the world. He brings precision and emotion to the sport in a way few have and reciprocally shares kindness and a keen eye in his coaching. Nick completed his B.S in Applied Exercise Science and specializes teaching complex skills.


Tyler LeBlanc:
“Tyger” has enthusiasm and energy to match his knowledge of restoration. Coming from a dominant collegiate wrestling background and currently competing in the 80kg class he truly embodies walking the walk. He excels at putting intent into daily tasks that have high transfer to goal completion. Tyger has excellent coach athlete communication and application of foundational principals. Tyger has completed two degrees from Springfield College and exceptionally develops integral performance qualities in athletes of all ages.