The Performance Vibe
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About Us:

          The Performance Vibe was bred under the notion that it all matters. From how you put your socks on to what behaviors you display before they call your name. When you walk into a competition it usually isn’t difficult to pick out some of the best athletes. However, if you have been lucky enough to see it, you can absolutely feel when someone is about to do something incredible. Our infatuation with those moments are what began forming the very morals and principals we use today.

          At the Performance Vibe we have modeled our coaching and educational systems with satisfaction as the center piece. We put our emphasis on creating environments that modulate our behaviors to the point we become the person needed to complete our goals.

          This is very different than putting emphasis on the specific task needs themselves. Although counter intuitive, goals that are too task oriented fail to see the bigger picture. Performance is not a mathematical phenomenon, it is a human behavioral one. It is no coincidence that this lens not only brings increased quality of life, but success as well.

          How you do it is the uniqueness that drives #vibeout



Nick and Andy at a Performance Vibe Seminar at Spindell Barbell

Nick and Andy at a Performance Vibe Seminar at Spindell Barbell